Valentines Day Movie – Great Movies to Watch with Your Sweetheart

Valentines Day 2016 is set to be one of the most romantic days of the year, and is celebrated by many different couples in many ways. One of the most popular ways to celebrate this holiday of love is to watch a Valentines Day movie together. Imagine sitting with your sweetheart, cuddled close together on the couch, and watching one of the most romantic movies together. For many couples, this is a great way to get closer, and it can be better to stay at home than to go to the movies. This way, you don’t have to worry about people watching you kissing at the romantic parts, and you can talk through the entire movie without disturbing anyone. But what is a good Valentines Day movie to watch?

Great Valentines Day Movie Ideas:

  • “Love Actually”
    This romantic comedy is a great Valentines Day movie for you and your lover. It has enough romance for the woman in your relationship to take heart at how sweet it is, but is still funny enough for the man to enjoy without feeling like he’s taking one for the team.
  • “The Titanic”
    Though this is a classic, and has a tragic story, it is touching, and can make your Valentines day so amazingly romantic; it is sure that neither of you will ever forget it. Imagine cuddling together, and you can embrace each other tightly as you cry, inspired by one of the most tragic and inspiring love stories of all time.
  • “50 First Dates”
    This Valentines Day movie is great because it shows a love story of true devotion. Regardless of how many times she forgets, he is always there to stay by her side. It is an inspiring and loving story, that will make your Valentines Day special. Though, be careful, or your girlfriend may start expecting the same sort of devotion from you; and she probably deserves it.
  • “What Dreams May Come”
    This is an old romance that goes a little bit deeper than your average love story. It gives you something to think about while you watch, and is an inspiring story about the way a husband would journey even to the depths of hell to rescue his wife and his children. This is a great Valentines Day movie, though it can be watched at any time of the year.
  • “The Notebook”
    Although this is typically considered a ‘chic flick’, there is much to be enjoyed in this movie for everyone, even the guys. It is a beautifully told love story, and will always remain a classic Valentines Day movie. Despite the fact that this one has not been out as long as the others, it is quickly gaining rank in classic love stories.




These are just 5 suggestions for you and your sweetheart to watch on Valentines Day. Regardless of what you choose to be your Valentines Day movie, it is sure to make your day memorable, and bring you closer to your lover. Show up at their house with flowers, chocolates, popcorn, champagne, etc., and you will be set to have a cozy date in the privacy of your own home, without the need to worry about anyone else. Just spend the time focusing on your loved one and how much they mean to you.

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